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How to access ORGSU services. A Checklist as a quick guide.

The checklist provides a procedure that is appropriate for companies that have been active for many years on the market. Companies that have their athletes in some databases and run one or more websites. This way you can quickly set up your system and improve your business.

How to join ORGSU services.pdf
Athlete's Handbook

Detailed information on how to manage an athlete account and how to use all the features.

Users Handbook 1.pdf

Important phrases/words/expressions used in each language localisation profile, together with their meaning and usage. Syllabus unification will be implemented throughout the system - in Menu items, all Handbooks and lastly, in all support text documents.

Syllabus ORGSU EN.pdf
How to upgrade your website

The ORGSU Building Kit offers components for upgrading of the event organiser’s website and websites of his/her business partners

Upgrading of Event Organiser Website.pdf
Event Organiser Handbook

Overview of all functions of the company profile "Event Organiser". The Handbook is not a ‘how-to’ manual depicting actual, real-time user activities; it is a detailed description of the more complex issues pertaining to the Event Organiser portfolio (the Race Business Deal) and special functions, such as BIB generation.

Event Organiser Quick Handbook 2.pdf
Digital Marketing Handbook

For Digital Marketing / Media Companies, Sponosrs, Towns/Region. All what you need to know how to support Event and Series Organisers

Digital Marketing Quick Handbook 3.pdf
Series Organiser Handbook

For Series Organisers, National Sports Federations/Associations dealing with a Series. Suitable for both Event and Series Organisers.





Series Organiser Quick Handbook 3.pdf
Three Races in a Series

The description of three possible Event/Race configurations, counted in one Series. Every Race has different age groups for different sports and the series system calculates its own age-group and overall rankings. 


Three Races in Golden Series_NFP.pdf
Agent Handbook

All necessary documents available directly from the Agent work page. This document outlines usage of the system.


E-shop Configuration

All payment instrument configuration on your websites, header/footer of your e-shop emails, and payment gateways. All required fields for selling entry fees and other services/goods on your - or your partner's - websites.

Users on websites

Athletes are using applet services only on event/series organiser websites or digital marketing company websites. Outline of procedure: login, activation of passive accounts, etc.

Impact of Licences

What is the procedure for working without a Licence? What are the benefits of purchasing an ORGSU Licence? All company profiles have different restrictions based on Timing Licences.


Login and User Roles

Every user is initially registered as a physical person. A company is registered thereafter and may operate within one or more function profiles (for example, an Event Organiser). The physical user may be assigned to company roles, such as a CEO or photographer. This document outlines all matters relating to this aspect of registration and usage of the ORGSU system.


System Development

The current version covers approximately 50% of its total projected scope of functions and target groups. All short-term development will be published here, so users may look forward to an efficient, smooth-running system of newly-released functions in the future. Furthermore, you will soon be able to share your queries, suggestions and notes about the development, which will assist us with improvements and fine-tuning.



Handbooks Summary

The ORGSU system comprises many different functions, all of which are described in a series of handbooks. Important notes pertaining to these handbooks will be updated here.


ORGSU Introduction Overview

The basic principles of the system architecture, its services to both companies and to their clients - athletes. Powerpoint presentation.

Orgsu Introduction Overview 4.pdf
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